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5-Week Learn to Ski & Snowboard Program 2017
Registration begins September 21st (Wednesday) at noon.
Specific class information will be available soon.

How do I prepare for registration?

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IMPORTANT - UPDATE YOUR CHILD'S SKILL LEVEL (Use last years report card or review the skill level chart below.)
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Review skill chart to indicate skill level in SKI or BOARD line. This will indicate what class to place your student in.

Skill Level Chart

(Chart has been updated, please review)


0 You have never skied before.

1 Skiers have had minimal time on skis, can move forward on flat terrain, climb slight inclines (side stepping/Herringbone) and glide down slight incline with skis in a wedge (pizza) position.

2 Walking on flats, climbing and gliding on slight inclines come easily.  Able to change wedge size and make shallow turns to begin to control speed.  May have had lift introduction (Rope Tow).

3 Linking & shaping turns for speed control with a wedge on green (novice) terrain.  Riding Lifts (Rope tow & Chair Lift).

4 Able to ski green and easy blue terrain.  Skis are beginning to skid, a Wedge Christie, skis align to parallel (“French fries) towards the end of the turn.

5 Comfortable on blue terrain and easy black terrain.  Skis are parallel more than being in wedge (pizza).

6 Comfortable on all terrain, Skis remain parallel throughout the whole turn. 

 Wedge               Wedge Christie               Parallel

          (Pizza)                (Pizza to French Fries)             (French Fries)



0 You have never snowboarded before.

1 You can perform a skidded traverse on both heel-side and toe-side edges and can stop.

2 You can perform skidded traverses in both directions with confidence and can make basic turns in both directions.

3 You can turn in both directions with speed control and are working on linking turns.

4 You are linking skidded turns with good speed control and shape, and are seeking more challenging terrain.

5 You are confident on most intermediate terrain under good conditions and beginning to carve turns.

6 You are comfortable on all intermediate terrain under good conditions and you are fine-tuning carved turns and are seeking more challenging terrain including bumps and varying conditions.