Lesson tips & FAQ

Multi-Day Lessons
Multi-day lessons require pre-registration. In some cases classes sell out promptly. To register for any multi-day program, you must create an account; to do so please visit our online store here. Please add all members of your family who will be attending lessons into your account, you will be required to assign them to each lesson you choose. You may also visit the main office/ticket office to register for any programs.

Please check back late summer of 2015 for the 2016 program information. Registrations will begin in Mid-September and the actual lessons will begin in January 2016.
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Registration takes place online in our store. To save time on registration day, you can create an account. Classes must be linked to the actual student so you will want the account in your name, then add family members in your account to link them later. Register for an account HERE.

Don't forget to update your children's skill level (unless marked by ski school i.e. "Obtained level X: Instructor 14/15 Season") if you have registered for snow sports in the past. Login to update information HERE.

Option # 1

Option #2

Option #3

Learn to
SKI or Snowboard

90 minute lesson

Learn & Ride

60 minute lesson


45 minute lesson

2014-2015 Pricing

$215 with equipment rental

2014-2015 Pricing


2014-2015 Pricing

no additional fee for equipment rental

A 90 minute group lesson based on level. Does not include pass for after lesson, and students may only be on the snow during class time.

Want to practice before or after your lesson? Visit the ticket window that day for a discounted ticket for all 5-week program students! (Session must be the same day and time range as your lesson).

This program is for all skill levels, not just beginners!
This 60 minute lesson and free ride program is designed for the advanced beginner-intermediate skier/ boarder. Students must be comfortable riding the chair lift unassisted and have a skill level of at least 2. Students will be able to free ski/ride after their lesson; no instructor will be present after the lesson. 

New this year is our adults learn and ride program. Offered on Friday & Saturday evenings, the class focus will be on skills improvement with the company of your peers.
The five week Kinderschuss program is a fun and safe learning experience. Our skilled and enthusiastic instructors will take a patient approach to helping your little one learn at their own pace. There will be a focus on helping your child become self-sufficient and to develop lifelong snow sports skills.

They will be exposed to the basic movements of effective skiing. Games played on one or two skis on flat land help teach balance and edging of the skis.

Available Classes:

Available Classes:

Available Classes:

Ski Or Snowboard 
Ski - Ages 5+ or
Snowboard - Ages 7+

Ski Or Snowboard
Ski - Ages 5+ or
Snowboard - Ages 7+

Ski Only 
Ages 2.5 - 4.5

Option #4


This program is designed to improve skiing skills through the introduction of racing. Carved turns are the goal here. Skiers do not need race experience but should be able to make parallel turns to get the most out of the program. 

Ages 8-12

Saturday  -  8:00am-11:30am

More Information
Classes are held once a week for 5 consecutive weeks starting Monday, January 5th.
Classes are grouped out by ability and similar ages. The average class size is 7 students.
All listed ages are as of December 31st, 2014. Please be aware of programs age minimum you wish to register for.
Registration Information
New Guests
Please be sure to visit our web store here to create an account
registration day (here
). You will also need to add any participant's information as a 'Family Member'. This will save you time so you do not miss out on the class you desire! When creating your account, don't forget to add the family members you wish to have participate in our programs. Under each member there is a "NOTE" field. This field is where you can place a special request or if there are any allergies, medical conditions or additional information pertaining to your child to help us provide a fun, safe and appropriate lesson.

Returning Guests
If you registered last year, test your log in and be sure to update any information. If you do not remember your log-in information follow the prompts to reset. We may be unable to assist you with this process on the day of registration.

Skill Levels
All students will need skill level listed under their account; if they are returning there is a good chance the snow sports school has it listed in your account from last year, otherwise please refer to the "skill level guide" link found on the right hand column of this page. This may need to be adjusted if the student advanced after the completion of last years program. The skill level must be for the sport the student will be taking this year. Example: if the student is a level 5 skier but is only taking snowboard lessons this year, you must list the snowboard skill level.

All Guests

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email to the address listed. Please make sure this address is accurate and be on the lookout for an email from:  "
info@yawgoo.com". This email will include all of the below information including rental fittings.

Equipment Rental
If you choose to rent your equipment with us: Equipment will be ready for you to pick up from the rental shop each class day and is to be returned after each lesson. If you would like to keep your equipment for longer then your lesson you may wish to consider our leasing program.

All renters must be pre-fitted for their rental by December 15th. Please visit the rental shop to be pre-fitted Thursdays & Fridays 2pm-6pm or Saturdays 10am-2pm starting October 23rd.

Inclement Weather/Class Cancellations /Missing a Class
If you are unsure if lessons will be held please visit Yawgoo.com and click the “Trail Report” the morning of your lessons. This information will be available no later than 7am that morning. In the case of a cancellation, classes will resume where they left off the following week on the same day and time, and a class will be added to the end of the program until all 5 weeks are completed.

Text Alerts
You can also register for text alerts by visiting
rainedout.com and searching for Yawgoo. You will then enter your phone number or email address and subscribing to your class day. We are not able to subscribe you for text alerts.

Missing a Class
Should you be unable to attend a class, we offer one (1) make-up lesson. The make-up lesson is held after all 5 weeks are completed, on the 6th week on the same day and time as your usual class. There is only one make-up class; you cannot attend another class on a different day.

Refund/Class Change Policy
Refunds and class changes will be accepted until December 15th, 2014. A $5 change or refund per student. After this point we will only issue refunds with a medical note.

Please submit a refund/change request form (download form link below) and submit by email,  fax, or mail. We do not have access to your credit card information so if you will need to include where we will be submitting the refund to.

Changing a Class
This includes adding or taking away the rental option, changing programs, changing days/times, changing sports. All changes must be chosen from an open program/class day. We cannot change you to a closed/sold out class.

Almost all programs are now complete- Refund request should have been already submitted.
Waiting List                     NOTE: We are no longer accepting names for the wait list.
If there is a class you wish to register for but is sold out, you can be added to a waitlist.
To be added to a waitlist
for any of our closed programs send an email to: n/a (we are not adding any more names).
Please include your name and contact information, the student(s) full name, DOB, skill level and the program(s), day/time and sport you wish to be put on the waitlist for. There are no guarantees more spots will become available. The waitlist is operated on a first come, first served basis. The waitlist depends on cancellations; students will be accepted in order. If payment is included with your form, you will not be charged until an actual spot has opened up for your student(s). You may enroll to another class and if something opens up we will contact you. Payment or enrollment in another class does not put you ahead or behind anyone else on the waitlist. If you are no longer interested in a spot on our waitlist please let us know.
Unfortunately, we are unable to contact everyone on the list with updates, we will only be in contact when a spot opens up for you or your child(ren).

February Vacation Program 2015
This is a 3 day program held during the February school vacation week (Feb. 17th, 18th, & 19th). This program DOES NOT include a lift pass. There is an option to purchase a 1/2 priced ticket for the 8:30am-12:30pm session if you would like to stay after your lesson.

Option 1: Learn to Ski or Board


Ages 5+ for skiing and 7+ for snowboarding

8:30 am – 10:30am Lesson

Option 2: Kinderschuss


Ages 2.5 to 4

9:00 am - Ski Only

Option 3: Freestyle Ski or Snowboard
Ages 5+ for skiing and 7+ for snowboarding

3:00pm - 4:30pm Lesson

A 90-minute introduction lesson to Freestyle for skiing and snowboarding, each afternoon.
All participants in this option must be at least a level 4, no exceptions. To review skill level chart click here.
Helmets required for this program, we do not rent helmets.

90 minute Lesson $130
90 minute lesson and rental
(helmet not included) $160
For more information on this option contact 401-294-3802 ext 119