Trail Report

Wednesday March 4, 2015



Ski area sessions today. 12pm to 8pm  All tickets any time all day $25.00 per person.
Tubing Park closed today.


Snow Tubing Park

Closed today! Reopening on Friday


Purchase tickets online here.

Weather forecasts will be taken into account before we place tickets online!

Ski Area Trails
Type Trail Name Status Notes
Novice Area  Open  
Upper Ledges  Open  
Upper Hubs Folly  Open  
Down Under  Open  
Gnarnia  Open  
North Forte  Open  
Lower Hubs Folly  Open  
Yellow Jacket  Open  
Outback  Open  
TNT Open  
Lower Ledges  Open  
Jack Attack  Open  
  Crossroads  Open  
  Rope Tow Open  
  Conan Chair Lift  Open  
  Proud Mary Chair Lift  Open As needed



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