Yawgoo Valley Ski Area Rental Shop


 Must be 18 Years Old to Rent Equipment.




 Parent must be present at time of rental purchase & equipment pick-up with a valid ID.


Release Form
-A release form is available for any minors that parents will not be present.

-Equipment must be paid for at ticket window in order to pick-up equipment.

-Fully Completed Release (per person) must accompany a photo copy of a parent/guardian's valid drivers license.


All rentals require purchase of lift ticket and/or lesson.

Purchase Rental equipment with your lift pass or lesson at the ticket window.

Have a question? Rental Shop:

extension 114

Equipment Rentals
(All Ages) Full Day Half Day or Night
Alpine Ski Rental Set
Skis, Boots, and Poles (no helmet)
$30 $20
Snowboard Rental Set
Snowboard and Boots (no helmet)
$30 $20
Just Poles $5
Lesson Only Rental
For use during a lesson only. (no helmet)
(For use during a 1-hour private or 1:15 group lesson.)
Tickets and/or lessons are an additional fee. The above pricing is for equipment use only.
We do not rent helmets.
We do rent not half sets of equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between renting and leasing ski or snowboard equipment? When you rent, it is for a specific day session and is returned to the Rental Shop after you ticket session or lesson.
Equipment leases are essentially seasonal rentals, but unlike most ski shops the equipment is BRAND NEW!
Can I rent for multiple days and/or take the equipment home? No, equipment must be returned to the rental shop when your session or lesson ends.  For seasonal rentals please see the Pro Shop for equipment leasing.
Where do I go to rent equipment?    Purchase your  ticket and/or lesson at the Ticket Window. At this time, let the cashier know you need to rent and if you need a full set or half-set.
You will be given a form to present at the rental shop.
How old do I have to be to rent equipment? Must be at least 18years old to rent equipment.You must have a valid drivers license or state ID.
If you are not 18, a parent or guardian must accompany you to the ticket window and then to the rental shop to sign the rental form.
I have my own boots, can I rent just skis or a snowboard?   -You can rent our skis or snowboard with your boots.
-We cannot rent half sets of ski equipment.
Do I have to have an area pass/ticket?  Yes, you must purchase a pass/ticket OR a lesson to rent equipment. 
Can I reserve equipment over the phone? If you have reserved a Private Lesson and you have been pre-fit we will set your equipment up for your lesson time. 
Rentals for the pre-paid 5 Week Program are also set up for your lesson time. 
We do not offer reservations for daily rentals.
What is the largest size snowboard boot? The largest adult snow board boots we carry is a size 15.
What is the largest size Ski Boot? The largest adult ski boots we carry is a size 16.
What is the smallest size Snowboard Boot? Smallest junior snowboard boot is a size 1
What is the smallest size Ski Boot? Smallest child boot is a size 5
Smallest juniors boot is a size 1