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Beginners Guide/ Lesson FAQ 

The Snow Sports School is closed for the 2013/2014 season. See you in December 2014!

Yawgoo Valley Snow sports is your local source for quality ski and snow board lessons. We are a member school of both the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI). Many of our 140 staff instructors hold upper level certifications from PSIA and AASI, so you get the same quality lessons as you would at the bigger mountains. 
Yawgoo Valley Snow sports offers programs for children from ages 2 1/2 to teens as well as adults. The goal of each student or group may vary, but the overall goal of our program is to foster a love of skiing and snowboarding and to show kids and families ways to stay active in the winter months.

Types of Lessons we offer at Yawgoo Valley

Daily Lessons

Multiple Day Learn to Ski/ Snowboard Programs
Group Lessons
Offered 2-3 times daily at specific times.
Available all season long.

These lessons are walk-in only reservations are not necessary.
5-Week Program
A 45 minute to 1 1/2 hour lesson (depending on choice) held once a week for 5 consecutive weeks starting in January.
Prior registration is required, space is limited.
Registrations begin mid September

Private Lessons
Available most times* daily.
Offered all season long.
Reservation preferred, walk-ins welcome.
(*In some cases reservations may be required to guarantee time i.e. holidays and vacation weeks.)
February Vacation Program
A three day program that includes a one hour lesson with a morning half day lift pass for after the lesson.
Prior registration is required.
Registrations begin in January.

What is my skill level?
Please choose the closest level, do not base your assessment on the trails you or your child ride, e.g., Black Diamond, Intermediate, etc. or the number of seasons you have been riding.

0: You have never skied before.
1: You have skied before and can stop in a wedge.
2:  You are comfortable making wedge turns on easier green runs.
3:  You are beginning to match your skis at the end of each turn; you are comfortable on green runs.
4:  You are matching your skis earlier in each turn. You ski green and easier blue runs.
5:  You match your skis near the beginning of each turn, and you ski a mixture of blue and green runs.
6: You are comfortable making open parallel turns with a pole plant on green and blue runs.   

0:  You have never snowboarded before.
1: You can perform a skidded traverse on both heel-side and toe-side edges and can stop.
2:  You can perform skidded traverses in both directions with confidence and can make basic turns in both directions.
3:  You can turn in both directions with speed control and are working on linking turns.
4:  You are linking skidded turns with good speed control and shape, and are seeking more challenging terrain.
5:  You are confident on most intermediate terrain under good conditions and beginning to carve turns.
6: You are comfortable on all intermediate terrain under good conditions and you are fine-tuning carved turns and are seeking more challenging terrain including bumps and varying conditions.