Birthday Parties

There are two ways to celebrate at Yawgoo Valley Water Park. We can host your group in a private patio area OR you can use our picnic areas and bring your own picnic! Not limited to birthdays, celebrations or small gatherings of all kinds are welcome!

Please Note: Water Park opens JUNE 24th for the season; Option 1 parties are available June 28-Aug 26. Option 2 Parties are welcome any day.


Option 1: Let Us Host

Enjoy your birthday from our birthday patio and choose from two packages. Both packages include one hour of party time, either one or two hours of water park fun and a personal pizza, chips, juice, and an ice cream for up to 11 guests and the birthday child PLUS 1 free adult pass (meal not included for adult). Please note: spectating guests (not swimming or sliding; typically parents) are welcome, you would only pay for guests swimming and sliding.


Birthday parties are available Tuesday through Saturday between June 28 and August 26. A 25% deposit will be due at time of reservation. Parties may start as early as 11am, but must be completed by 5pm. 

***********Now Accepting Reservations - How To Book:   Email summer@yawgoo.com      OR          Phone: 401-294-3802 ext 112

- If your requested date is available; you may download the birthday contract here (please contact us first to confirm date is available and we can place your name on our calendar).  

-We will hold your requested date for 10 days; please return your contract and deposit to finalize your reservation. If deposit is not received within 10 days, that date will be available again.

SUMMER 2017 - Birthday Availability
Updated often, but can change without notice.
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
July 23: Not available July 24: Not available July 25: Open July 26: Open July 27: Open July 28: Reserved July 29: Reserved
July 30: Not available July 31: Not available Aug 1: Open Aug 2: Open Aug 3: Open Aug 4: Open Aug 5: Reserved
Aug 6: Not available Aug 7: Not available Aug 8: Open Aug 9: Open Aug 10: Open Aug 11: Open Aug 12: Reserved
Aug 13: Not available Aug 14: Not available Aug 15: Open Aug 16: Open Aug 17: Open Aug 18: ON HOLD Aug 19: Reserved
Aug 20: Not available Aug 21: Not available Aug 22: Open Aug 23: Open Aug 24: Open Aug 25: Open Aug 26: Reserved
Aug 27: Not available Aug 28: Not available Aug 29: Not available Aug 30: Not available Aug 31: Not available Sep 1: Not available Sep 2: Not available
Sep 3: Not available Sep 4: Not available Park Closes Labor Day Monday (September 4th) for the season.


1-hour Package: $325.00

Includes 1-hour party time and 1-hour water park wristbands for up to 12 guests. Each guest will receive a personal pizza, chips, juice, and an ice cream cup. Each additional guest: 26.95

2-hour Package: $395.00

Includes 1-hour party time and 2-hour water park wristbands for up to12 guests. Each guest will receive a personal pizza, chips, juice, and an ice cream cup. Each additional guest: 32.95


More Information

Review our group schedule to help you plan HERE. Important this schedule is never final and can change without notice. We do not close to the public for birthday parties or groups.

The patio is suitable for up to 30 children. 

Outside food & coolers are welcome, no grills or alcohol. Parties must keep food in picnic areas; they cannot be brought into pool or tiki bar areas. Birthday Patio is only for guests reserving a Yawgoo Hosted Party.

NO: POP-UP Tents, Piñatas, speakers/ music, decorations that may litter our grounds (confetti, streamers, etc.).

Parents & other spectators are welcome inside the pool area; tickets must be purchased to swim or slide.

Changes to the number of guests/cancellations to any food service event must be made 7 days prior to the party. A 7% R.I. sales tax, 1% R.I. meals tax, and gratuity are included in the package pricing.

BRINGING FOOD: We are unable to store food, cakes, ice cream etc. for guests in our refrigerators or freezers.


 Inclement Weather

We remain open in light rain and overcast days. It is your responsibility to cancel/reschedule due to inclement weather at least 2 days in advance. We will only honor rain rescheduling with this short notice, any other reasons will require 7 days’ notice. If you do not contact us regarding rescheduling and the park remains open, you forfeit your deposit. 

Please note we cannot promise you another date until a decision has been made not to hold your party on the original date. Reschedule dates are based on availability and may include Sunday and Monday, which we block specifically for rain dates. We cannot promise you or hold another date unless you wish to place a non-refundable deposit on both dates. If we know ahead of time the park will likely not open we will work with you to reschedule as swiftly as possible. It may be helpful to have a way to contact your guests in the event of inclement weather.

Birthday Patio overlooking pool area:
Birthday Patio

Option 2: Host Your Own Party!

This option guests are welcome to use our picnic tables in our lawn area and bring their own food.


Parties of 12 or more will be given a ticket of $1 off each ticket Monday through Friday only.

Pricing Per Person (No charge for using picnic areas):

One Hour: $14     -     Two Hours: $20     -     Three Hours: $25

How to purchase tickets: Tickets start on the hour, be sure your guests arrive early. You can purchase your tickets at the tiki bar on that day only 10-15 minutes before you plan to start. You are welcome to start a ticket tab by providing a MasterCard or visa; any unclosed tabs left at the end of the day will automatically be processed. The group schedule is available on our website HERE and subject to change without notice and as late as that day.



These parties can be held any day between 11am and 5pm starting opening day through closing day (June 24 through September 4). No need to check-in with us because we do not book these parties.

We do not accept reservations for self-hosted parties; simply arrive and grab a table! Picnic tables are available on a first come, first served basis. Please be courtesy of other guests and only used as many tables as needed.

You may consider checking our group schedule to plan your party. These schedules are just a guideline and subject to change at any time.



More Information

Outside food & coolers are welcome, no grills or alcohol. Parties must keep food in picnic areas; they cannot be brought into pool or tiki bar areas. Birthday Patio is only for guests reserving a Yawgoo Hosted Party. Parents & other spectators are welcome inside the pool area; tickets must be purchased to swim or slide.

NO: POP-UP Tents, Piñatas, speakers/ music, decorations that may litter our grounds (confetti, streamers, etc.)
BRINGING FOOD: We cannot store outside food, cakes, ice cream etc. in our refrigerators or freezers.


Picnic Area for your party:
Picnic Areas

More Information, Park Policies & Rules

Have questions? Let us answer them!

When can I visit the water park?
We're open 11am-6pm daily, every Mid-June through Labor Day. We are seldom closed but in the event of inclement weather we will post an update to our main page click here (you may have to refresh page).

How do I find the park?
The water park is located at the ski area facility. For a map and directions, click here.

Do I have to pay for parking? 
No! Parking is always free at Yawgoo Valley!

Do you accept credit and debit cards; can I purchase tickets online? 
Yes! We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, Yawgoo valley gift cards and gift coins, and personal checks will be accepted with a valid state/federal ID). Tickets are based on your arrival time so they must be purchased when you arrive.

Do I still have to pay if I'm not going to participate?
No. Only guests participating in any water activity pay, spectators are free! Guests are given a wristband to swim and/or slide.

Can I bring in my own food and drinks/cooler? 
Yes, with restrictions. We permit outside food or beverages to be brought into the lawn picnic areas only. Food, drinks, and coolers must remain in the picnic areas; they cannot be brought into the pool or tiki bar patio areas. Please dispose of your picnic lunches in one of our provided areas. Absolutely no grills or alcohol.

What can I wear?
Guests must wear clothes appropriate for a family-friendly atmosphere. We do not recommend wearing jewelry, sunglasses or other valuable items on slides. Infants must wear swim diapers and/or protective plastic underpants.

Not Allowed (on slides):

·        Shoes, sandals, and water shoes

·        Socks

·        Loose fitting clothing, rash guards and UV suits

·        Cotton shirts and tank tops

·        Cut-off jeans or other walking shorts

·        Pants

·        Basketball or other “baggy” shorts

Are discounts and promotions available? 
Discounted rates are available for groups of 12 or more Monday through Friday between 11am-5pm only. On occasion, we offer a coupon in a local publications (varies), please give us a call for information. 

Can I have a birthday party? 
Birthday parties are permitted in our lawn picnic areas only. There is no charge to use our picnic areas if water park tickets are purchased. Parties are limited to using the picnic areas between 11am and 5pm. Discounted rates for 12 or more tickets purchased are available Monday-Friday ONLY. Visit our birthday party page for details click here.

Please do not bring the following items:

·        Piñatas, streamers, confetti (or other messy decorations that may litter the grounds)

·        Stereos/speakers/music

·        Tents

·        Grills

·        Alcohol

·         Foods that require refrigeration (we cannot store food/cake/ice cream for everyone)

How do I beat the crowds?
As temperatures rise, so does the number of guests visiting -- so visiting on cooler and overcast days helps. Groups are pre-booked through-out the summer; we do our best to keep the online group schedule up to date. Most recreational groups visit before 3pm; see group calendar. Please note birthday parties using picnic areas do not book and we will not have them listed on our calendar.

Are there height requirements for the slides? 
No. While we do not require a height for slides, keep in mind the slide pool is 3 feet deep. All sliders must be able to ride alone as we do not permit double riding. We do not provide life-jackets or related items.

Is smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed?
Smoking is not allowed in the park. Please be courteous of other guests. Alcohol is available for guests ages 21+ at the tiki bar. Alcohol purchased externally may not be brought into the park. Food and drinks are not permitted in the pool area. Alcohol may not leave the park.

What if I get separated from my group? What if I cannot find my child?
The water area is completely gated, but all parents are expected to supervise their child(ren). Guest parties are encouraged to select a meeting place, in case any member(s) of the group become separated. Lost children should be reported to a lifeguard assist you in finding your child. Please note that we do not currently have a park-wide paging system. 

Is there a First Aid station?
Yes, see one of our lifeguards for assistance.

Are there shaded lounging areas available?
There are no shaded areas in the pool area. Limited seating is available in the tiki bar overlooking the pool area. Shaded picnic tables are lawn area are available on a first come, first served basis. Seating in the water area is limited; chairs may be brought from home.

Where can I change clothes? Where can I store my belongings? 
Restrooms located in the main lodge. We recommend changing before you purchase tickets. It is not recommended to leave your valuables in park lounging areas. Lockers are available in the main lodge (near restrooms). Lockers do require 4 quarters. Please do not leave belongings on eating area tables.


General Policies

·        Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

·        Outside Food & Beverages (including alcohol) are not permitted in water park. Please keep outside food & beverages in the lawn picnic areas. Absolutely NO outside alcohol permitted. We provide food & drinks at the Tiki Bar.

·        In case of inclement weather or unforeseen difficulties such as power outages, the park may be required to delay operations until weather permits. We may have to close. We will issue a voucher for another visit ONLY if we must close or delay operations. We will still operate in rain and will not issue refunds/vouchers for rain.

·        All sales are final; no refunds.

·        Yawgoo Valley Water Park is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken personal items.

·        Yawgoo Valley Water Park is not responsible for any personal injuries. 

·        Please be sure to read and listen to all instructions prior to using attractions

·        Be sure any questions or concerns you may have are addressed prior to using attractions.

·        Please notify an attendant of any vandalism or safety concerns immediately. 

·        Watch your step -- be aware of water, rough terrain, and other obstacles on the property.

·        Use property and attractions at your own risk.

·        You should be in good health and free from a history of high blood pressure, heart problems, head problems, neck problems, back problems, motion sickness or any other            conditions that could be aggravated by sliding.

·        Water slides are recommended for adults under 175lbs, please slide at your own risk.